Azrul Valker

Director, mercenary, sword juggler, and self proclaimed alcoholic for hire, Azrul is a direct man with a 'to the point' mentality. Sporting a laid back demeanor and a quick wit, Azrul leads the Oppositions department, handling most of the combat based work that would involve putting his employees into direct conflicts and engagements. As such, Azrul is protective by nature, and aims to keep his fellow members of Torchlight Ventures safe however possible. If you're looking for a dependable boss, a good friend, or just a simple drinking buddy, Azrul is the one to go to.

Elizabeth Ravencroft

Elizabeth Ravencroft is heiress to the Ravencroft Foundation fortune, and is Director of Acquisitions and Trade to Torchlight Ventures. Born to an Ishgardian noble family, Elizabeth grew up studying various magical arts, noble forms of combat, social etiquette, classical piano, and various other things that were expected of her. After starting Torchlight Ventures with Azrul, she's worked tirelessly to help create something huge that she can look at with pride. Whether you're looking to buy, sell, or collect, Liz and the department of Acquisitions and Trade are the ones to talk to.

Rikha Minhai

As the information broker of Torchlight Ventures, Rikha Minhai specializes in discrete reconnaissance and intelligence gathering. If you ever make use of the company Leve Board to pick up work, Rikha was the one to provide the critical information needed to complete the job. When she’s not out gathering work and information, or writing up a report on a new lead for an ongoing job, Rikha can occasionally be found making use of the kitchen to prepare a warm meal for any night owls up and about during her prime hours. If the problem is a lack of information, Rikha is the one best suited to correct it.

Jena Fairgraves

It doesn't take spending much time at the right settings to hear the name Jena Fairgraves mentioned, whether it be by self introduction, or whispered quietly by those that fear her. Jena is the owner of the Fire Pit: Torchlight's bar and weekly gathering point for employees and potential clients. With a sharp wit and a fiery personality, Jena will either be a dependable friend to have, or, in the event you rub her the wrong way, a force to be reckoned with. As a sorceress, she serves as the company's unofficial consultant on matters related to the arcane and the occult.

Mythridel Valerine

Another Ishgardian noble to join the ranks of Torchlight, Mythridel is the surviving head of House Valerine: a family often held in high regard for their magical talents and selflessness. Though it all but completely fell apart by the death of her family, she has been working diligently to see her heritage restored. Her work with Torchlight has developed into the creation of a new division for the scholarly and magically-inclined - Research & Investigations - which she now heads as its Overseer. When Myth is not deep in her magical research she helps out with other tasks, or spends time with her loved ones. Selfless, caring, and equipped with a sharp mind, Myth aspires to help Torchlight achieve many great feats in the years ahead.

Mister Gray

Accountant of Torchlight Ventures. Master of Coin. The Professional. These are but a few of the titles applicable to Mister Gray, a quiet, and often times imposing figure in Torchlight's employ. Initially brought on through a business deal with the Ravencroft Foundation, Mister Gray has since proven himself as an efficient and remarkably accurate financial accountant, a fierce combatant... and an impressive baker of sweets.